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Presentation Guidelines

These are some of the presentation guidelines taken by the Conference Committee due to the Virtual Platform usage.


  • Authors should prepare the presentation using the Given Template

  • Due to the restrictions of the virtual platform, to avoid technical interferences, the authors are supposed to record their presentation videos beforehand which would be played in the session. Therefore the authors are required to submit a video with maximum 12 minutes duration as the 3 minutes are rendered for the live discussion. (Total 15 mins).

  • Authors should keep their video ON while presenting and should be facing the camera throughout the presentation. The video of the authors should be clear enough

  • The authors are requested to record the video in the .mp4 format.

  • The video presentations of a paper will be accepted only if it follows all guidelines and the authors specified in the form have been registered beforehand.

  • No cancellation of tickets will be allowed if the authors did not submit the details of the presenters and video presentations.

  • The authors are requested to upload the video along with the presentation in their drive and attach the link in the below-given form with the settings "Anyone on the internet with this link can edit" so that we would be able to download it.

  • Deadline for submission of the video: 28th August 2021, 11:59 PM (IST)

  • The details of authors who are presenting their papers(presenters) and the drive link should be submitted through this below provided link.


  • In the case of multiple authors, you can write the names of the authors who are willing to present the paper in the form given below, but all the authors specified in the form should be registered beforehand.

  • It is not mandatory that all authors should present the paper but, authors presenting the paper and actively engaging in the Q/A sessions will only be awarded the "Certificate of Presentation".

  • It is mandatory that the co-author(co-presenter) listed in the google form have a valid co-author(co-presenter) registration and must be present during the video presentation as well as the Q/A sessions to receive the Presentation Certificate.